Amanda Bynes Wants Out of Psych Ward NOW, Requests Emergency Hearing

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Amanda Bynes wants out of the psychiatric ward. Like yesterday.

Her attorney filed legal documents challenging the two-week extension of her forced hospitalization and asking for an emergency hearing to cut let her loose.

Typically, a 5150 psychiatric hold ends after 72 hours, but due to Amanda Bynes' mental illness, a judge extended it by two weeks late yesterday.

Amanda Bynes in 2011

There will be a hearing before a judge at the psychiatric ward this afternoon at 2 p.m. Pacific to contest that decision, and Amanda will be present.

It's unclear how or why the judge's mind would change after the ruling that was just handed down 24 hours ago, but she's going to try apparently.

Bynes clearly doesn't want to be there, or to be placed under a conservatorship in which her parents would be made her legal guardians in every respect.

Her parents have already filed for this, but were denied by the judge - at least until the two-week extension passes. Before he rules, the judge wants:

  • A one-on-one meeting with Amanda Bynes.
  • To hear from the doctors treating the star.
  • The attorney appointed to rep the 27-year-old to interview her at length and come up with the best recommendation he can.
  • To see the police file on the driveway fire incident that ended with her hospitalized under the 5150 hold earlier this week.

A hearing for the conservatorship was set for August 9, and it's hard to imagine Bynes being released prior to that, no matter how hard she protests.

As long as there's reason to believe she might harm herself or others, and the doctors feel they need more time to diagnose her condition, she'll stay put.


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