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Former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez confessed that he fired the shots that killed Odin Lloyd, according to a witness … citing another witness.

His legal team will have a field day with any “confession” that is three degrees from Hernandez himself, especially if no one (on record) saw him fire the gun.

But police in Miramar, Fla., still believed the tip was good enough to bring to a judge in an effort to get a search warrant connected with the investigation.

Aaron Hernandez for New England
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To bring you up to speed, prosecutors in the murder case believe Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace were with Hernandez when Lloyd was murdered.

Ortiz and Wallace are currently in custody.


According to documents filed by the Miramar Police, Ortiz told police that Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez told Wallace that Hernandez shot Lloyd.

It’s double hearsay, to say the least, but with potential life sentences on the line here, someone may turn on the rest of the crew sooner or later.

If used in conjunction with the evidence investigators say they have – enough to deny Hernandez bail and land him in solitary confinement – it could be enough.

For his part, Hernandez has pleaded not guilty to planning Lloyd’s murder and concealing evidence, which cops feel they have ample proof of.

The one thing that’s been missing from their case – aside from non-hearsay witnesses and a the literal smoking gun – is Aaron Hernandez’s motive.

Why would a guy with an NFL contract kill Lloyd over nothing? Maybe it wasn’t nothing. Hernandez is a person of interest in a second murder investigation.

Might he have been trying to silence Lloyd, his acquaintance, because of what he knew? It’s far from clear, but that’s one operating police theory.