Aaron Hernandez Motive: Keeping Odin Lloyd Quiet About Previous Murders?

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Police are confident that Aaron Hernandez had the means and opportunity to kill Odin Lloyd, and believe they have sufficient evidence of each.

Motive, however, has been a mystery throughout the investigation of the former NFL star, though a second case has given police a new angle.

Aaron Hernandez Handcuffed

Officials think Lloyd may have had information about Hernandez that the tight end felt would destroy his relationship with his fiancee and the Patriots.

There are several operating theories, but a prevailing one is that Lloyd "mouthed off" to Hernandez about "secrets" Aaron had told him in the past.

Those secrets, police believe, concern Aaron's involvement in drugs and his involvement in several violent incidents - possibly two other murders.

Officials are not under the impression that Lloyd tried to blackmail Hernandez, but that he mouthed off to the athlete, throwing that information in his face.

Hernandez, thinking the secrets Lloyd knew would potentially end his relationship with his fiancee and his career, lost it and plotted Lloyd's execution.

Or so the theory goes. As motives go among people capable of killing other human beings, it would make a lot more sense than some "beef" at a club.

Investigators working the Aaron Hernandez murder case are focusing on the link between Lloyd and the double drive-by homicide in Boston in 2012.

They say that may also be tied to Hernandez, and that he is currently a person of interest - though not officially a suspect - in the double murder.

Meanwhile, the dominoes certainly look like they're beginning to fall for Hernandez, who is being held without bail on the charge of murder.

One of his alleged accomplices, Carlos Ortiz of Bristol, Conn., was arrested on Wednesday as a fugitive on weapons charges pending in Massachusetts.

Investigators say those charges related to the killing of Lloyd.

Another man tagged an "accomplice" was apprehended today in Florida after prosecutors issued a wanted poster, saying he was "armed and dangerous."

That man, Ernest Wallace, was wanted as an "accessory after the fact of the murder of Odin Lloyd." He turned himself in to police in Miramar, Fla.

Police recently returned to Hernandez's home to search the building yet again, this time in the hunt for evidence associated with the 2012 double slaying.

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