Aaron Hernandez Shooting Victim to Appear Before Grand Jury

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Alexander Bradley, the man who claims that Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face earlier this year, has been ordered to appear before a grand jury.

This is separate from the murder of Olin Lloyd, for which Hernandez is charged, and a 2012 Boston double homicide in which he is a person of interest.


Bradley has been ordered by a judge in Massachusetts to testify before a grand jury later this month; it's unclear if police are trying establish any link.

He is scheduled to appear July 17. Bradley had been actively fighting the interstate subpoena, claiming that he required medical treatment in Florida.

The judge ruled that the travel "will not cause undue hardship" for Bradley, who "is a material and necessary witness" in the investigation of Hernandez.

Bradley sued Hernandez in June, before Lloyd's murder, claiming Aaron Hernandez shot him in the face following an altercation at a Miami strip club.

He never identified the New England Patriots tight end as the assailant when speaking to police, and only directly accused him in his recent lawsuit.

The former NFL star is facing a first-degree murder charge in the slaying of his friend/acquaintance and is being investigated in a drive-by last summer.

Officials suspect his motive may have been to keep Odin Lloyd quiet about his involvement in the earlier murder(s), though that remains just a theory.

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