Veronica Mars Movie: Who's Coming Back?

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We already know the Veronica Mars movie is happening (EEK!!!).

But creator Rob Thomas wrote an email yesterday to the Kickstarter backers who helped bring this upcomng film to life and broke the exciting news of others who will be joining Kristen Bell on the big screen.

Led by Tina Majorino as Mac.

Veronica Mars Cast Photo

"I really wanted Tina in Veronica Mars," Thomas said. "To say I wrote Mac with Tina in mind would be an understatement. I wrote Mac for Tina, and Tina only. Veronica needed a female friend, and a Q to her Bond.

"Tina felt like just the sort of girl that Veronica would like and respect. I couldn't be more pleased that she'll be with us for the movie."

Thomas also announced that Amanda Noret will be returning as Madison Sinclair, Sam Huntington as Luke Haldeman and Daran Norris will as attorney Cliff McCormack.

Production starts on the wildly anticipated movie next week. It will be released in 2014 and the cast will make attendees at Comic-Con go crazy next month.

Hooray, Marshmallows!

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