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Snooki is quite proud of how she looks these days. And for good reason.

The former Jersey Shore star has been posting multiple pictures of her slim physique on Instagram. Check out her flat stomach and tiny waist below.

Is there anything left of her?

Tori Spelling with Snooki

“Getting more toned and defined,” Snooki wrote in the photo caption, flexing biceps and saying she was “damn proud” to be a “fit mom” these days.

The MTV reality star also demonstrated her tire-flipping workout.


“How I start my Saturdays,” she explained. “Buns and guns.”

“Everyone’s saying the ‘new fit me’ isn’t what I’m suppose to look [like],” she wrote. “I wasn’t always a fatass, kids. Get used to my fit life, cause I love it!”

She unveiled her 42-pound post-baby weight loss this spring, and hasn’t regressed. “I feel great,” said the star, who welcomed son Lorenzo in August 2012.

“I have a lot of energy because I work out so much and the endorphins put me in a good mood. And when you’re skinnier, you feel so much better about yourself.”

There’s only one problem.

“My boobs are messed up. In a bra, they look good. But when I take it off, they’re flappy,” she says. “I can’t wait to get a boob job when I’m done having kids.”

Nice. Well, until then, keep up the exercise and healthy recipes. Clearly, it’s a useful combination that does a Princess of Poughkeepsie’s body good.