Levitating Magician in Pepsi Max Ad: Not Actually Levitating!

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We have breaking news regarding an ad for Pepsi Max that went viral this week:

The magician who appears to be levitating alongside a double decker bus is not actually levitating. Shocking, we know.

Soon we'll also tell you that Chris Brown has an anger problem.

The good (bored?) folks at News.com.au have examined the above video in detail and determined that the man's arm was likely a harness attached to the bus.

His real arm was then placed inside this prosthetic.

"His fingers don’t move in the clip and there are no people around when he hovers up and down the bus," the site writes. "In fact, at second glance the arm attached to the bus looks pretty phony.”

We are very sorry to break this to you, folks. But while we're here: Santa Claus is fake and Kim Kardashian does not write her own Facebook messages.

Have a great day!