Kate Middleton Baby Bets: Off the Charts!

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Will Kate Middleton have a c-section or a natural birth?

Will she welcome a boy or a girl? With what color hair?

When will he/she arrive? And what will the name be?

Kate Middleton in a Hat

For royal watchers - and gamblers - worldwide, there's a lot riding on these questions, as sports books say they've seen a surge in action since December.

"The second we found out that she was with child," in December 2012, said Rupert Adams of William Hill, one of the largest bookmakers in the U.K.

After Kate was hospitalized with severe morning sickness, rumors began circulating that she was having twins - you could get 33:1 action on that.

Then there was the incident in which Kate Middleton may or may not have said, 'I'll take a teddy for my d--," during a conversation with a fan in March.

"Every single bet was that it's a girl," said Hill.

Bets have also been placed on Kate Middleton's due date (July 13 is a favorite at 10:1 odds), the baby's weight (8 pounds), and if she's "too posh to push."

"She's currently favored to have a C-section," he said.

The most vital question, though, is her baby's name.

In mid-April, said Adams, "Alexandra" was all the rage, along with Elizabeth, Diana, Mary, Carole, Phillippa, Spencer, and Oliver other good possibilities.

The process isn't new. In 1982, William Hill paid out nearly 30,000 pounds when Prince Charles and Princess Diana named their first child William.

Nor is it limited to the royals. They also take bets on Kim Kardashian's baby name. The short list: Krystal (10:1), followed by Kirsten (12:1) and Kara (14:1).

Kate is 25:1, incidentally, but this much is nearly a lock:

"It's an absolute given that Kimye's baby girl will have a name beginning with K ... The list of names is endless, but Krystal Kardashian-West has a nice ring to it."

Back to Kate Middleton, what do you think she's having?

What should she name the baby if it's a boy?

What should she name it if it's a girl?

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