Boy Charged With Murdering Sister Using WWE Moves

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A 13-year-old New Orleans-area boy is charged with second-degree murder in his five-year-old sister's death - using moves he learned from WWE wrestling.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office confirmed the death in a news release.

Boy Charged

"The 13-year-old reported he started to wrestle with the victim and practiced WWE-style wrestling moves on the 5-year-old," Col. John Fortunato said.

Those moves allegedly included slamming the girl on a bed, punching her in the stomach, jumping on her and striking her with his elbow, repeatedly.

A coroner's investigation later found that the young girl died of multiple injuries, including broken ribs, lacerations of the liver and internal bleeding.

In a statement released the same day, WWE offered condolences to the victim's family but warned against attributing the death to its industry:

"Authorities have already charged the accused with second-degree murder and determined that this was not an accidental death due to a wrestling move."

WWE continued, "As in similar cases, criminal intent to harm and a lack of parental supervision have been the factors resulting in a tragic death."

The girl was identified as Viloude Louis, of Terrytown, La., and the boy had been left to babysit the girl by his stepmother when the alleged beating occurred.

Afterward, the girl later complained of a stomach ache. When she stopped breathing, the boy called 911. Emergency responders could not revive her.

The boy was taken to a juvenile facility and booked on second-degree murder charges after he was interviewed by homicide Detective Matt Vasquez.

The detective said the boy told him that he knew the wrestling moves on TV were fake, but he was smiling and appeared to enjoy talking about them.

"The 13-year-old continued by saying the victim complained that she was hurting, but he continued to slam, punch and elbow her for an additional 2-3 minutes."

He only stopped the attack "when his mother called him on the phone to check on he and the victim," sheriff's officials said in the news release.

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