Amanda Bynes, Rap Star? Troubled Actress Offered Record Deal

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Amanda Bynes, rap star in the making?

Ridiculous as it sounds, the troubled former Nickelodeon actress has been offered a record deal with a small hip-hop label to drop her very first album.

Queen Bynes

Producer Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records extended an offer to Bynes, reaching out in a formal capacity to her attorney in Los Angeles.

"She's phenomenal and that's the crazy thing about this," Herman, also the CEO of the label, said. "This is the perfect home. This isn't just a gimmick."

There's a lot of crazy things about Amanda Bynes, truthfully.

Herman said he has yet to secure a contract with the 27-year-old, but he is "beyond confident" she will sign on and begin this new phase of her career.

He says the talent is there, and just needs to be harnessed.

"Right now you have a Nickelodeon pop star masquerading as a gangster rapper," he said. "I see someone like Amanda Bynes and I know she has talent."

Talent for dropping bombs and calling her dad ugly on Twitter, maybe.

In all seriousness, Herman insists that this is a once-in-a-generation star who he can help craft into a rapper people will clamor to listen to for years:

"I grew up with Nick and the orange couch. I know she has talent. I've heard her sing. I wanna get her in the cutting room and see what she has."

He adds that Bynes "is more gangster than Drake" (who the troubled starlet continues to worship/diss on Twitter) as well as "very attractive and very talented."

"If you look at her actions and attitude she represents hip-hop a lot better than Drake. Musically, this girl knows how to carry herself."

"She is not crazy, she is not on drugs. She's just hip-hop!"

Seriously. These are real quotes.

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