Adam Jones Pleads Not Guilty to Assault

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Accustomed to digging in across from wide receivers on the football field, Adam Jones is now digging in against charges of assault.

The beleaguered cornerback pleaded not guilty today in court to charges that he assaulted a woman outside a Cincinnati nightclub on June 5.

As previously reported, Jones approached a female outside a city establishment following a Reds game last week and the video above does depict her making some kind of move toward the NFL star.

Jones says she threw a beer bottle at him and, yes, he retaliated (via a vicious blow, it appears), but only because he was "protecting himself."

The woman pressed battery charges against Pacman, while police have detailed her injuries as minor.

It's possible, however, that regardless of the legal outcome, the NFL will take action against Jones due to the sheer number of times he has been in trouble with the law.