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Was 2 Chainz shot at during his recent robbery in San Francisco?

In his first incident since he was held up at gunpoint, not only does the rapper say shots were fired, but at close range – he had bullet fragments in his hair.

Chainz says tons of people believed he’d been shot and/or killed.

2 Chainz Robbed

The wild incident in which a pair of goons robbed 2 Chainz and his crew dispersed like cockroaches from a flashlight took place last weekend.

Speaking out for the first time since, the Atlanta-based rapper took to that city’s Hot 107.9 to share his side of the story – and it’s quite something.


Chainz describes the moment he saw one of the two gunmen approaching, explaining that the assailant wasn’t skipping for fun, as it appears above.

Rather, the gun was so big and heavy, the guy struggled to wield it.

"I saw the gun before I saw him," Chainz recalls. "It was so heavy he couldn’t really hold it … the gun was so big, that’s what made me take off running."

He says he knows it was a coordinated effort because another armed gunman was right there to cut him off immediately after he made his escape.

The rapper’s entire interview appears below: