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Video has surfaced of the altercation that saw 2 Chainz robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco last weekend, and it’s even crazier than previously described.

2 Chainz Robbed

The rap star, who also made news this week for being arrested at LAX for weed and sizzurp, was just strolling down the street with his entourage.

Two men then approached the group out of nowhere and pointed guns at them, at which point the crew FRANTICALLY tried to flee the scene.

During the chase, 2 Chainz trips and falls, at which point one of the robbers hovers over him, gun drawn. Police say his phone and wallet were stolen.


At the end of the video, first obtained by TMZ, you can see a man running back up the street with what looks like something stuffed under his shirt.

Chainz later posted a tweet denying that he got robbed, saying, "Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken."

Rule #2 … everything is caught on video these days.

No arrests have been made in the case as of yet.