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Say hello to Kia the wonder puppy.

Officials in Kansas City found this terrier-schnauzer mix locked inside an impounded car yesterday, where she had seemingly been abandoned for one month.

According to The Kansas City Star, a tow company employee was checking on vehicles for auction when he came upon the canine and called the police.

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The car was then unlocked. And Kia was taken to a local animal shelter.


An investigation is underway to learn what happened, but all that’s known at this time is that the 1990 Chevy Suburban was impounded on April 8.

Kia is 12 weeks old and is believed to have survived by eating scraps of McDonald’s left behind under the seats.

“It’s a pretty miraculous story,” said Danny Rotert, spokesman for Kansas City municipal government.

Seriously. This has to be the first time any creature has actually benefited from McDonald’s.

Kia ate a just a little when she arrived at the shelter and she’s expected to survive. After a couple weeks of training and medication, she will go up for adoption.

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