O.J. Simpson Tattoo: Bills Fan Honors Hero, May Need Psychiatric Help

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A Buffalo Bills fan recently got a HUGE O.J. Simpson tattoo on his leg, which took nine hours to complete and is confirmed to be real ... and incredible.

O.J. Simpson Tattoo

Bryan Labarron actually appears to be fairly normal from the looks of his Facebook page, where he writes, "I have 3 Bills tats and my OJ is my favorite."

When asked the obvious murder question by a friend, he responded, "OJ was found not guilty of that murder thing but that's a story for another day ..."

Seems like a pretty relevant point on this or any other day in which a man gets a GIANT ASS OJ SIMPSON TATTOO, but maybe that's just us.

Simpson, an NFL Hall of Famer, was a standout for the Bills. He was the first man to ever rush for 2,000 yards in a season - in 14 games no less! - with Buffalo.

Apparently, his football achievements with Labarron's favorite team trump the people this waste of oxygen (cough, allegedly) later killed, robbed, etc.

You can actually blame Thurman Thomas. Tattoo artist Thomas Latona said that Bills great was his first choice for the ink, but they couldn't find the right pic.

OJ, of course, has plenty of up close and personal photos to pick from.

The guy comprises a big chunk of our celebrity mug shots gallery.

"We talked about it and the idea came up about O.J. I was excited about doing the iconic O.J. picture everyone knows. It was in magazines, the mugshot," he said.

And the rest, as they say, is ridiculous sports tattoo history.

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