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Singer Miguel made headlines at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards by attempting to jump over fans’ heads during his performance, but instead landing on them.

In an ugly accident that could have been way worse, Miguel was performing “Adorn” when he tried to pull off an acrobatic move, only to fail epically:

Miguel Billboard Music Awards Performance Fail

Twitter users quickly expressed their disbelief, with some wondering whether the women drilled by Miguel were seriously injured or even killed.

The phrase “Did Miguel” soon trended worldwide on Twitter. Fortunately, he did not. They were a little shaken up with some busted glasses, that’s it.

“Yes they are absolutely OK! He was dancing and hugging them post jump,” said a rep for Billboard, to the relief of many (especially Miguel himself).

With news that the people were alright came the obligatory memes. Check out Miguel’s fall – and him meeting a girl he nearly killed – in GIF form: