Celebrity Apprentice Winner: Crowned!

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After a two-hour (!) episode and surprisingly potent efforts by both Trace Adkins and Penn Jillette, an all-star champion was finally crowned on Celebrity Apprentice.

Both were worthy, but there can be only one winner.

And that winner, ladies and gentlemen, is ...

Penn Jillette Apprentice
Trace Adkins Apprentice

Trace Adkins! Penn Jillette was fired by Donald Trump, though the choice didn’t just come down to money, even though Trace raised more than Penn.

Instead, it was a mixture of success at the final task, in addition to other traits. As Penn told Trace, one of them had to win, and it wouldn’t be by much.

Both performed admirably in the season-ending bonanza.

The big elimination ceremony featured a live recap of what went on in this epic season, as well as plenty of returning faces, interviews and filler.

Perhaps the best part? Omarosa celebrating “10 years with the franchise.” Penn encasing Teller’s head in concrete and smashing it was up there too.

Anyway, Trace won out. Did he deserve it? You tell us!

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