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Kat Dennings wants to set the record straight: She is not dating Drake!

The weekly source of memorable 2 Broke Girls quotes was asked by Chelsea Handler last night about rumors that she is “trying to be seduced” by the rapper.

“Listen,” Dennings said. “What happened was, and I’m glad we’re talking about this, Drake was super nice and said something on Twitter about me.”

Kat Dennings and Nick Zano
Photo via Getty Images

“I’d met him when I was, like, 19 when I was doing an indie film in Toronto, and so he said something about me, and I didn’t realize that happened.”


“So when I got home, I had, like, 50,000 new followers out of nowhere.”

However, Kat Dennings soon discovered that her so-called new Twitter followers were actually just angry folks who thought she was pursuing Drake.

A few hundred of them were probably just Amanda Bynes.

“They were all like, ‘F–k you, Kat Dennings’ and ‘You can’t take Drake from me. He’s mine!!’ And then I realized what had happened,” she went on.

“So then we started talking and he’s super, super nice,” she said of the chart-topping Canadian rapper. “He’s a lovely person. He’s a nice man.”

Just not one who’s murdering her lady parts. We clear?