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In the most stunning takeaway from last night’s Billboard Music Awards, Justin Bieber was booed by the crowd when accepting the Chevrolet-sponsored Milestone Award.

But perhaps audience members would have gone easier on The Biebs if they had known where he was Friday:

At Whitney Elementary School in Las Vegas. Making a surprise appearance to hand out food donations. And pledging to fill the school’s cupboards for a year.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

Growing up, “my mom and I went to food banks, so being able to help now is amazing,” Bieber told Today of the visit. “I just want to make people happy.”

If that’s the case, maybe he shouldn’t kiss Selena Gomez. Just look at Taylor Swift’s disgusted reaction yesterday to their cheek peck!


In all seriousness, though, this was an impressive gesture by Bieber.

He spent time with hundreds of young students and left them with both memories of a lifetime and words of wisdom:

“Listen to the principal and the teachers and always try your best,” he said.

There’s a message we all can take to heart.