Jose Canseco Taunts Rape Accuser on Twitter

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Jose Canseco has not been charged with sexual assault.

But that didn't stop the former Major League Baseball player from going off yesterday, Tweeting about a rape charge and proclaiming his innocence.

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And with police confirming that Canseco is a person of interest - and with sources alleging that the victim works as a fitness instructor in Las Vegas - the muscle-bound ex-baller continued to rant away on Twitter last night.

He actually listed his accuser's name, phone number, work address and photo online.

"Wow thats funny i raped u then y did u have ur clothing off as soon as we left the club in my car," Canseco wrote, addressing the woman.

He didn't stop, either, after followers pointed out the inappropriate nature of his actions.

"Wow now people r threatening me not to tell the truth.whats the matter u cant handle the truth," Jose Tweeted, adding: "Truth or dare. I dare u to take a polygragh on national tv.i will take one."

Man. We know steroids shrink one's testicles. But who knew they also shrank one's moral compass?

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