Farrah Abraham: I'm Really Not That Sexually Active

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Farrah Abraham insists that despite her raunchy sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom (and she performs as advertised), she's really not that kind of girl.

"Really, I'm not that sexually active," she told E! News.

So why turn to XXX porn as her new career pursuit?

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"I don’t have a boyfriend, I don’t get to do things like regular people get to do and like go on dates and feel comfortable," said the MTV reality star.

"So I had to treat my situation differently. I’m young, I’m 21 years old."

"Some things girls should be able to do no matter what."

The mother of four-year-old Sofia has often spoken about her dreams of opening a restaurant, and thanks to the sex tape, Farrah Abraham says she can.

"I am planning to do my restaurant endeavor," she said when asked how she plans to spend the near-seven figure paycheck she earned from it."

She may have shocked many with her decision to release the sex tape, but Farrah says two people who have no qualms about it are her parents.

"My mother and I are OK," the star said. "My dad is being supportive. It’s like, 'alright, Farrah f***ed up and she’s moving on.' That’s how my parents look at it."

Farrah still claims she is furious at the way she has been treated by co-star James Deen, who she believes tried to exploit her sex tape for his own gain.

"I'm experiencing him as a real, normal person and there's been so many different reports of what he was saying," she said, making next to no sense.

"But I personally texted him and said, 'You know, why are you talking about my business in public? What makes you think that that was OK?'"

"You know that that should have remained private. He had no rationalization of saying sorry, he was actually just like I shouldn’t be mad,'" she recalled.

"When you're upset with somebody who you were, you know, close with and physical with, you don't want them taking things into their own light."

"He's just being selfish. And I personally cannot trust anyone now, so who knows if I will ever have a relationship, because I don't trust people."

Given her propensity for lying, we'd say the feeling is reciprocal.


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