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This week’s tornado in Oklahoma hit close to home for Carrie Underwood and Kevin Durant. The stars each pledged an amazing $1 million in relief.

Underwood, the Sooner State native who went on to win American Idol, has donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help with relief efforts.

“I have watched the devastation in my home state of Oklahoma over the past several days with great sadness,” the country star said in a statement.

Kevin Durant Speaks

“With the help of my fans who attended my concerts over the past year, we can offer the Red Cross a little extra help in comforting those affected.”


Neal Litvack of the Red Cross, said, “The impact of the tornados in Oklahoma and the Midwest was devastating and the road to recovery will be long for many families.”

“Through the generosity of Carrie, the American Red Cross can quickly respond with shelter, food and comfort now, and with lasting help as they move toward recovery.”

Durant, one of the NBA’s best players and the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder, pledged $1 million as well to help his adopted home city and region.

While he grew up outside D.C. and played in college at Texas, Durant has put OKC on the pro sports map and has been a great ambassador for the state.

Even if the Westboro Baptist Church blamed him for the storm itself.

Another Oklahoman, baseball star Matt Kemp, has pledged $250,000, plus incentives based on his season stats (not promising this year, but whatever).

David Spade has offered to kick in $200,000.