Amanda Bynes Threatens to Sue Police, Parents

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Amanda Bynes has moved on from Rihanna. At least for the moment.

Not long after bashing that singer for being ugly, Bynes took to Twitter once again yesterday and went OFF on the police and then on her parents.

Amanda Bynes is Dope

First, the star reiterated her claims that she never tossed a bong out a window last week and that she was sexually harassed by her arresting officer, Tweeting:

"My lawyer and I are taking this mistake extremely seriously! You cannot illegally enter my apartment then take me to mental hospital without any grounds. I have never been so offended in my life. They found nothing criminal on me or around me, one cop then sexually assaulted me, so I'm suing for all of the above!"

From there, Bynes aimed her venom at her family.

"Never trust or listen to a word any person from my family says to the press," she warned followers. "I am suing them for money laundering/unethical manager work, I never signed a contract with them, and they had been stealing my money without me knowing, claiming they were managing me somehow when they have no right to act as if they did anything to help or enhance my career and I want $ back that I earned on my own.

"I'm 27 and don't like when press talks to my parents. My parents are almost 70 years old. We are no longer on speaking terms. I would rather them be homeless than live off of my money."

That's sweet of her to say.

But this really shouldn't be a problem much longer for Amanda. At this rate, it won't take her long to be out of money.

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