World's Oldest Hamburger: McDonald's Beef Looks Unchanged Since 1999!

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Utah man David Whipple bought a hamburger at McDonald's in 1999.

Big deal, right? The extraordinary part is that he didn't eat it. He put it in his coat pocket, hung it up and somehow didn't notice until many years later.

Scarily, it looks almost exactly the same now as it did then ...

Food experts say the burger didn't rot because its small size and relatively large surface area help it to lose moisture fast, minimizing mold or bacterial growth.

There are also likely a TON of preservatives in it. Just a hunch,

It isn't just burgers that have a eerily long shelf life, either.

Melanie Warner, author of the book Pandora's Lunchbox: How Processed Foods Took Over the American Meal, says this kind of thing is all too common.

Her food experiments found that food chicken sandwiches, store-bought guacamole and American cheese can also stand the mold-free test of time.

Awesome? In terms of science, totally.

For your body? Not necessarily.

Stories like this only fuel the recent backlash against processed food. It's no wonder that fresh paleo recipes are all the rage these days with many.

It's unclear if Whipple ate the burger, BTW. Let's hope not.

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