Steve Kush, New Mexico GOP Official, Calls Labor Advocate, 19, a "Radical Bitch"

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Steve Kush, director of the Bernalillo County (N.M.) Republican Party, is in some hot water over a Tweet he directed at a 19-year-old volunteer labor advocate.

Specifically, he called the Working America volunteer a "radical bitch" after she testified before the county commission in favor of raising the minimum wage.

Kush Tweet

"Nice hat Working America chick but damn you are a radical bitch," he tweeted.

Working America, a labor movement advocacy group, sent several members to a county meeting in a bid to advocate a measure increasing minimum wage.

Kush was apparently not a big fan of their efforts Tuesday.

As the organization’s state director, Chelsey Evans, stood in line to testify on the proposal, Kush reportedly disparaged her on his Facebook page as well.

"Uh oh," Kush wrote, "another Working America chick."

"Nice boots. I know she makes more than min wage."

Not holding back, he later added in the comments of his Facebook wall, regarding Evans, "She was hot enough to almost make me register democrat."

And he was not done. He also referred to Maggie Hart Stebbins, the chairwoman of the county commission and a Democrat, as a "Gestapo leader,"

He reportedly wrote on Facebook, "Gestapo leader Hart Stebbins reduced comments to 1 and a half mins. Anything to suppress opposing views."

Progress Now New Mexico, a progressive advocacy organization, called on Kush to resign over the comments. Spokeswoman Marsha Garcia said:

“In a state run by one of the country’s most high-profile Republican women, the party’s leaders appear to see nothing wrong with misogynistic statements."

"Mr. Kush should resign."

Only time will tell if he actually does, but this guy and Stacey Campfield should really start their own blog. We would never, ever run out of material.