Stacey Campfield Won't Apologize for Pressure Cooker Photo, Slams "Tasteless" Gun Control Efforts

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Stacey Campfield is not about to apologize.

The Republican State Senator posted a photo on his blog this week that featured a pressure cooker and the words "Assault Pressure Cooker (APC)" printed below it, a reference to the items that were used for bombs last Monday at the Boston Marathon.

Stacey Campfield Picture

The post was titled "Here comes Feinstein again," a clear dig at gun control advocate Diane Feinstein, as Campfield sees hypocrisy in anyone criticizing the picture as inappropriate.

"I think it's tasteless when Obama will drag everybody he can up to Capitol Hill and try to pass gun control," Campfield told ABC News today. "I think that was classless and tasteless. I don't hear them complaining about that too much."

Campfield, who made news in February for telling a pro-gay constituent to seek therapy, added of the photo:

"I was showing the hypocrisy of Diane Feinstein, the gun grabbers, of their inability to realize that it is a person that does activity, not an inanimate object, be it a gun or a pressure cooker."

In a follow-up post, Campfield addressed critics who have said his initial image (below) was out of line:

"Really? If my post was inappropriate talking about 'crock pot control' then where is the outrage from the left when they push for gun control after the Sandy Hook shooting? Im [sic] sorry if I exposed your double standard....Well, not really."

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