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Selena Gomez dropped by Z100’s Elvis Duran and The Morning Show just a couple hours ago, opening up to the radio host about Justin Bieber and her recent trip to Norway to hang out with her ex-boyfriend.


The singer didn’t actually address rumors of a reconciliation at all. But she did echo sentiments expressed by Bieber on multiple occasions over the past couple months.

Selena Gomez: Goddess

“I’m in my twenties. I wanna have fun,” Gomez said. “I wanna enjoy my life and not have to worry about every single thing.”


But Selena also understand she is in the spotlight, possibly dating the world’s most beloved artist.

How does she balance her public and her private persona?

“I think I’ve actually given enough of myself, if that makes sense,” Selena replied “I feel within my music, and even how I handle myself in interviews, people think they know, but they really actually don’t…In a way, I like to keep myself a little bit private, but at the same time people do assume things.”

Might she reveal a few answers in her upcoming album? Not really. Don’t count on any significant Jelena revelations, fans.

The singer said most songs on that CD are “gonna keep [everyone] guessing” about the relationship.