Katherine Jackson: Conrad Murray is Conspiring With AEG!

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The Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit has taken a new twist.

An already complex case became even more so when Katherine Jackson filed court papers insinuating that AEG and Dr. Conrad Murray are in cahoots.

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Murray Trial

Katherine, who along with Michael's three children has sued AEG for negligently hiring and supervising Murray, wants to subpoena visitors' logs from his jail.

The implication? She wants to find out if AEG has sent employers, officers or lawyers to the can for a chat with Conrad, who's doing time for manslaughter.

Katherine has put Murray on her witness list, while AEG has not.

The late singer's mother clearly wants to know if AEG is trying to coach him or get info from him to defend the suit, in which she seeks tens of billions.

For his part, Murray wants to be left out of it, and recently implied in a voicemail to a friend that he could blow the lid off the case ... he didn't say how.

Murray's lawyer, Valerie Wass, tells TMZ today:

"I believe the subpoena is a rather desperate, last-minute attempt by [KJ and the children] to find or create a surreptitious relationship between Dr. Murray and AEG."

"There is and has been no such relationship."

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