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As far as feuds go, it’s not exactly Meghan McCain vs. Ann Coulter or Chris Brown vs. Drake.

But Gwyneth Paltrow and Joan Rivers are sort of getting into it.

In the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Paltrow says she tried Botox once and hated it because it made her “look like Joan Rivers.”


How does Rivers feel about such a diss? Okay, actually.

“It just made me laugh,” the comedian tells People. She says Botox made her scary like Joan Rivers? She should see what I look like without Botox. That’s really scary!”

Rivers, who has faced recent fire for slamming Adele as fat, adds that she’s been open about her plastic surgery because “[lying about having work done] is such a put down to women. It says to the average woman: ‘I’m beautifully naturally and you’re not.'”

That’s a fair point.

Still, there’s maybe a tad bit of beef here, considering Joan’s closing comments:

“If she lived in New York, I’d tell her to go to hell,” but because Paltrow resides on London, Rivers instead has this message for Gwyneth: “Go to Halifax!”

Choose a side in the feud, THGers: