Justin Bieber Posts Cartoon of Himself in Bed with a Fan

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In one of his strangest Instagram postings to date, Justin Bieber has published a cartoon photo of himself.

In bed. With a topless fan.

Seriously. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Cartoon

This strange - some might say wholly inappropriate - image went live one day after Bieber also ran a couple shirtless shots of himself, adding caption that taunted his critics.

Justin did not include any words with this shot, aside from clearly labeling which figure was him and which was the lucky young lady who just got finished singing a very different version of "Baby."

The artist is also yet to comment on Anne Frank-gate, in which many have taken umbrage to JB saying the iconic World War II figure would have been a Belieber.

Is this Instagram photo some kind of Eff You to those haters?

And just how high of an eyebrow should we raise over the fact that Bieber is pretending to have had sex with a young fan in this photograph?


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