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She doesn’t sing. She doesn’t dance. She doesn’t even get naked and film herself having sex on camera.

So Jenna Marbles is as baffled as you are by her popularity on the Internet, which rivals those such as Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

She has millions of Twitter followers and her YouTube videos have been viewed over one billion times.

Jenna Marbles Gets Emotional

“It’s bizarre,” Marbles said today on Good Morning America of her following. “It’s just crazy.”


Marbles’ real name is Jenna Mourey and she posts videos that cover basic life issues such as junk food, makeup and working out.

“It’s ridiculous that a lot of people watch [my channel] and what I put out on the Internet is ridiculous,” she told GMA. “I would image that some people would find it entertaining. The amount of people who have found it entertaining is ridiculous.”

Hey, unlike Kim, at least she can admit it!