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No one could be more upset with Jenelle Evans than Jenelle Evans herself, according to her lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, who spoke to E! News Wednesday.

Evans is still in custody pending a $10,000 bond for heroin possession and another $10,000 for assault, but Sullivan is trying to get her out today.

Jenelle Evans was arrested at her home in Brunswick, N.C., yesterday, after police were dispatched to investigate a reported domestic dispute there.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Officials discovered 12 bindles of heroin, other illegal substances and drug paraphernalia in the Teen Mom 2 star’s possession, and she was jailed.

She was also charged with multiple counts of assault on her and was served with a warrant for failure to pay child support for her 3-year-old son Jace.


Jenelle reportedly claims Courtland set her up. In any case, he was also arrested for assault and for possession of heroin with the intent to distribute.

Rogers’ bond on the possession count was $20,000, Sullivan said.

The full details of what went on yesterday are unclear, but it’s hardly a first for the combative pair, and the toll it’s taken on her was evident today.

Evans, her attorney says, was “very upset. She was crying in court.”

“This just happened,” he added. “She was in bad shape.”

The oft-in-trouble 21-year-old is back on Twitter, at least – and you might think based on some of her comments that she’s actually doing pretty well.

She wrote to a fan: “@LindsayNYC I’m doing great. Eating healthy. My weight is back to normal. I take Multivitamins daily and melatonin at night and I’m SOBER.”

Raise your hand if you believe that …