Jenelle Evans: Arrested For Cyber-Stalking!

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A back-and-forth fight over dueling claims of cyber-stalking landed troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans behind bars Monday ... for the third time this year.

Yes, three arrests in 2012. It's March 6.

Jenelle, 20, turned herself in to North Carolina authorities after a warrant was issued for her arrest on Friday. Evans was released after only about half an hour, and did not have to post bond, but she did have yet another smiling mug shot taken:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot (March 2012)

Evans' arrest was in connection with a cyber-stalking claim brought by her former boss James Duffy ... just weeks after Evans accused Duffy of the same crime.

Jenelle filed cyber-stalking charges in January against Duffy, who allegedly posted party photos of Evans online, along with her address and cell phone number.

Then Evans' ex-roommate, who was living with Duffy, had her arrested in connection with making harassing and threatening phone calls against them both.

Only six days later, Evans was arrested again for violating a domestic violence restraining order ... everybody got all that? Which brings us to yesterday:

Jenelle's latest arrest on Monday comes more than a month after the January arrests, and her lawyer claims the charges are entirely motivated by spite.

"These are the first allegations by Duffy against her, and these charges are completely retaliatory in nature," Evans' attorney told Us Weekly afterward.

Cyber-stalking is a type of harassment claim.

In general, a victim must show a compelling pattern of harassment via the Internet, email, text messages, or other means of electronic communication.

A cyberstalking conviction can result in a restraining order, probation, or even criminal penalties against the assailant, though proving it is often difficult.

Evans remains on probation for her role in a separate 2011 assault in which she beat the ever-loving crap out Britany Truett in a fight over Kieffer Delp.

She now faces a March 23 court date for the cyberstalking charge.

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