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Janelle Arthur saw it coming.

Speaking to reporters after her American Idol elimination last night, the singer said she turned to Candice Glover prior to taking the stage and said:

“This is the deal: I’m going home. They’re not gonna save me, but I love you.”

Along those lines, Arthur chose “You Keep Me Hanging On” for her Save song, but said she wasn’t even thinking about actually being saved.


“I kind of just felt like I was singing to America,” Janelle said. “I just wasn’t paying attention [to the judges]. I knew they were talking. I was just trying mainly to get through the song, just knowing that it was my last time singing on the stage.”

And what does the future hold for this impressive young talent? What sort of songs might she sing?

“It’s definitely gonna be on the traditional side. I wanna stay with my roots,” Arthur said. “There’s enough pop country out there.”

And, lastly, does she have any regrets about her time on Idol? Just one. And it has to do with cowboy boots:

“‘I was like, ‘Man, if I had just made Top 3 I could have had a couple more pairs!’”

Do you think Janelle Arthur deserved to be eliminated this week?