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Jamie Lynn Spears, who has been more or less of the spotlight since getting pregnant at age 16, turns 22 today. Yes … her daughter is about to turn five.

The sister of Britney Spears welcomed baby Maddie in June 2008, and since then, she’s kept a low profile, opting to focus on motherhood and herself.

We applaud that. We also congratulate her on her recent engagement to Jamie Watson! She was previously engaged to her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge.

This is a step up. Dude didn’t strike us as an upstanding, committed type of guy. Casey that is. We don’t know him personally, but that was our gut feeling.

Either way, Jamie Lynn Spears is thriving these days, and we couldn’t be happier. Join us in wishing her a happy 22nd birthday, and tell us, out of curiosity …

Who’s hotter?