Glee School Shooting Storyline: Too Perfect or Too Soon?

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Over the years, Glee has tackled controversial issues relevant to teens, from suicide to bullying to abuse to texting while driving.

But the show actually aired an episode last night based around a school shooting, the fallout from which has left viewers either loving the bold step or reacting in horror that a musical comedy would dare go there.

Brittany, Sam, Lord Tubbington

The installment featured various characters stuck in various parts of the school when a gunshot rang out.

Was anyone killed? Who pulled the trigger? These questions and more filled the often-silent air, as nary a character even spoke for 10 minutes at one point.

In the end, Sue took the fall for special-needs friend Becky, who brought the gun to school because she was sad about leaving school - and then accidentally fired it when talking to Sue.

It was an emotional hour, unlike anything we've seen to date on Glee Season 4.

But was it appropriate? Exploitive? React to the Glee school shooting storyline now: What did you think?