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Farrah Abraham’s sex tape scheme was foiled by James Deen, who let the cat out of the bag by revealing he was contracted to shoot a full-on porno with her.

On the plus side, the Farrah Abraham porn tape – which she dubiously says was made for personal use to commemorate her hot, 21-year-old body – is fetching interest!

A Canadian site is keen to get their hands on it, offering $100,000 on the spot … not bad considering they haven’t seen it, though far from her $2 million goal.

“We’re happy to hear you have joined the ‘dark side’ by filming your own adult movie with porn star James Deen,” Sam Rothstein, Marketing Director of BangYouLater (dot) com writes.


“Contact us so we can make you very aware of just how much this video is worth. We believe you stand out on the show, Teen Mom, and we’d like to expose you to a much larger audience.”

“Being one of the largest tube sites online, we know just how to maximize our Internet traffic to give you the most exposure to make you a bigger star than Kim Kardashian!”

They definitely talk a good game, even if they aim a little high.

After all, Farrah allegedly tried to shop an actual homemade sex tape before but was rebuffed, at which point she decided to shoot a second, “professional” one.

Sooner or later, in any case, it looks like Farrah Abraham and James Deen are going to get paid for this thing, and it will see the light of day. Question is …

Will you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape?