Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson: Closer Than Ever!

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Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson have forged an unlikely but genuine bond of late.

As followers of the frequently and uniquely bizarre family saga know, the former dermatology nurse was married to Michael Jackson from 1996-1999.

She then gave MJ sole custody of Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., 16, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 15, and virtually disappeared.

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Rowe, 54, took a large financial settlement and steered clear of the famous family, including after Michael's 2009 death. But recently, that all changed.

She's grown particularly close to the daughter she never really knew, and all because Paris Jackson reached out in an effort to forge a relationship.

Debbie Rowe has seen her daughter perform in a school play, taken her out to lunch, and hosting her at her Palmdale ranch, where she breeds horses.

Once alienated from her in-laws, Rowe has the blessing of Paris' grandmother and legal co-guardian, Katherine Jackson, who sees her as a good influence.

"Paris has been going through a lot of teenage angst and feels a little bit unloved," says a source. "So about three months ago Paris reached out to her mother."

"She told her she wanted to establish a relationship with her. Debbie was open to it, but only if Katherine Jackson was supportive of the relationship."

Katherine is, and as a result, Paris has spent two weekends with Rowe in Palmdale, helping her with her horses and just getting to know her mom.

Says a source close to the teenager:

"She's enjoyed telling friends in L.A. how she's helping take care of a pregnant mare on the ranch, and even how she was recently chased by a chicken."

Unlike his younger sister, Prince Michael Jackson has not embraced his biological mother. "He has some anger issues with her," says the source.

"He feels like she abandoned him years ago."

Indeed, in recent times the source says that Paris and Prince are not as close as they used to be, partly because of Paris's relationship with her mother.

"Right now Paris is happy with the situation as it is," says the source. "It's even looking like at some point Paris will want to move in with Debbie."

Another thing bringing them closer together? The Michael Jackson wrongful death trial, in which both are expected to testify at some point this spring.

Debbie Rowe is not the mother of the late pop star's third child, Prince Michael II, 11, who was born to a still-unidentified surrogate mother in 2002.

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