Courtland Rogers Pleads Guilty to Assault on Jenelle Evans, Gets Probation

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Courtland Rogers has pleaded guilty to assaulting Jenelle Evans this winter. The combative spouses have reconciled, but he will be on probation for two years.

Jenelle Evans took out six assault charges against Rogers - four counts against her, two on their unborn child - when they were estranged in January.

On April 8, Courtland pleaded guilty to just two of the charges.

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"Courtland Rogers has pleaded guilty to one count of assault on a female and one count of assault on an unborn child," her attorney Dustin Sullivan said.

"He received a probation sentence of 24 months."

The Teen Mom 2 star suffered a miscarriage earlier this year, at which point she claimed Rogers left her, after which she briefly took up with Gary Head.

She and Courtland patched things up, however.

Working in Rogers' favor was the fact that Jenelle Evans tried to drop the charges against her hubby, though the state refused to drop the case altogether.

"Jenelle wanted to drop charges, but due to the severity of her claims the state picked them up and was going to get to the bottom of this,” a source said.

Jenelle and Courtland: How long will it last ...

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