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While Patton Oswalt’s response to the fatal Boston bombing inspires America, outspoken pundit Erik Rush is making headlines of a different sort.

Rush, whose claim to fame is breaking the story of President Obama’s ties to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, went off on Monday’s Boston Marathon explosions.

After the attacks, the political pundit Tweeted: “Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon!”

When one of Rush’s followers responded and asked if he was already blaming all Muslims, he replied: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.”

He later said he was not serious. “Sarcasm, idiot,” he wrote to one critic.


Despite being quick to call his comments a joke, Rush has since taken down that tweet, although he continues to mix it up with people on his Twitter page.

While not pointing any fingers regarding the attack, he unloaded on “Islamist apologists” at MSNBC and beyond, as well as his own Twitter critics:

  • It’s nice to see all the Islamist apologists standing up for those who would waste them in a heartbeat.
  • Astounding, the number of fools who’ve been brainwashed into standing up for our sworn (by them) enemies. Absolutely astounding…
  • For the record: The invertebrate, coward apologists can go straight to hell, and I don’t need defending.
  • I think I’ll just RT the illiterates’ worst and most entertaining tweets today for pathos and comic relief…
  • Type my Twitter handle in the Search box for the biggest display of dhimmitude you have ever seen.

According to sources, Rush is just being Rush with this behavior.

“This is exactly how Erik likes to stir up controversy,” a source close to him said. “These outrageous, even crude comments are nothing new for him.”

Reportedly, a Saudi national is in custody in Boston, though he is not under arrest, charged with a crime, or officially a person of interest. It’s unclear.

In any case, a full-scale investigation is underway, with the FBI running point and all Boston P.D. and Massachusetts State Police hands on deck as well.