Bubba Watson Hovercraft: The Golf Cart of the Future!

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It's either a belated April Fools’ Day prank, or just hilarious viral marketing for Oakley, but the company has teamed up with Bubba Watson on a new project:

Bubba's Hover, the golf cart of the future!

Watson and Oakley created the BW1, a prototype hovercraft that solves some of the issues with traditional golf carts. Staying on cart paths, namely.

With Bubba's Hover, you can drive on the green without damaging it, move across sand and water without any issues, and go really, really fast.

It's a hovercraft, after all. Says Watson in the video:

“Let’s go through the water hazard, come off the other side right back by the green, putt your ball in the hole, and drive back across the water hazard."

“And honestly, who doesn’t want to do that?”

The 2012 Masters winner raises a valid point.

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