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Stop the presses. Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly agree on something!

Earlier this week, the former said that arguments against same-sex marriage are “bankrupt,” despite opponents “desperately trying to find something.”

“You saw it with the Supreme Court last week when they heard arguments about gay marriage and they brought up all these ancient debunked ideas,” he said.

“These are Supreme Court justices, and they’re saying things like, ‘Well, what about … you know, marriage is for procreation,’ which is not hard to shoot down.”


“People who are 70 [years old] can get married. I don’t think they’re going to be popping out babies,” the Real Time host said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He also took issue with the oft-repeated claim same-sex marriage opponents make – that its supporters are only trying to “further a gay agenda.”

“The gay agenda?! Really? You know, I once lived in West Hollywood. I know what the gay agenda is: 8:00 Starbucks, 9:00 tanning salon, 10:00 the gym.”

“That’s the gay agenda. It’s so mean spirited.”

“They’re basically trying to find some way to say that we are better than you. They’re past the point where they can’t deny there are gay people,” he said.

“But they’re like, “Well, they can’t have marriage. That’s just for us. They can’t have weddings … they can plan them but they can’t have them.”

“They can have weddings but no cake.”

Kimmel joked: “They’re going to have great weddings but they won’t eat cake probably. Physical fitness is more important in the gay community.”

Same-sex marriage: