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4/20. Four-twenty. April 20th. Call it what you want, this is one great day to be high … on life here at THG. Or on marijuana, from sea to shining sea.

Its origins are often debated, but what’s undisputed is that 4/20 has become a de facto holiday. Surely many a celebrity will be partaking on Saturday.

Such as …

Snoop Dogg. You knowz mofo be rollin’ up summa dat dank ass sticky-icky-icky and gettin’ fizaded off the bubonic chronic right muthaf–kin’ now.

Honestly. Snoop’s almost as synonymous with weed as he is with early gangsta rap.

Willie Nelson. On 4/30, Nelson will turn 80, or nearly the amount of times he lights up in a given week. Hey, at least he’s totally up front about it.


Matthew McConaughey. Is that guy possibly ever not stoned? Seriously, we’re asking.

Michael Phelps. After smoking the competition in the 2008 Olympics, the swimming god made waves for smoking out of a bong. His image took a hit.

See what we did there?! Fortunately, he cleaned up … the 2012 Olympic competition.

Chris Brown. Dude has a medicinal marijuana card, and enjoys partaking in the Netherlands, where it’s legal. Thank goodness for Instagram, right?

Soulja Boy. See similar California marijuana dispensary Instagram shot.

Rihanna. For the last time, you really need to get on Instagram!

Jenelle Evans. The Teen Mom 2 train wreck contemplated doing prison time instead of agreeing to probation that mandated drug testing for a year.

Think about that.

Lindsay Lohan. Put off rehab just to go to Coachella. Think about that.

Bill Clinton: I Never Inhaled

Arnold Schwarzenegger. Please see above video. Enough said.

Bill Clinton. By all accounts a successful U.S. President in terms of economic stewardship, William Jefferson Clinton was nevertheless a bad liar.

“I didn’t inhale” may be an even worse lie than Clinton’s “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” line, if only because it was even less believable.

Ryan Lochte: He cannot simply be that stupid … can he?

Jeff Bridges. The Dude! Big Lebowski quotes. Case rested.

Cheech & Chong. Wiki: “Comedy based on the hippie and free love era, and especially drug culture movements, most notably their love for cannabis.”

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Bobbi Kristina Brown Bong Video

Miley Cyrus. Whether or not she’s a real stoner has been hotly debated, but “Miley Cyrus bong video” was the top search term on THG for like a year.

Bobbi Kristina Brown. A close second search term was “Bobbi Kristina Brown bong video.” Only unlike Miley’s, it didn’t surprise anyone. At al.

Brooke Mueller. Prefers hard ass drugs, but pot still does the job.

Chace Crawford. Underrated as celebrity stoners go, for sure.

Woody Harrelson. Hippie loves the hemp. Need we go on?

DMX. Guy kind of IS our celebrity mug shots page.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Bong Video
Bobbi Kristina Brown Bong Video

Bill Maher and Zach Galifianakis. Blazing trails (and a lot more) on late-night TV.

The entire cast of Pineapple Express. Classic weed films abound, but Judd Apatow’s utterly pointless tale of a modern day stoner crew wins here.

Besides, our brain cells are too depleted by now to debate other film alternatives.

Jennifer Lawrence. A relatively new stoner club addition. And maybe our fave.

Did we miss your favorite(s)? Not rank them *high* (cough) enough?

Submit your own nominations for celeb potheads in the comments!

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