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“The Real Housewives of Paris Part Deux” managed to kill the romance in the city of love, unless you include a budding bromance.

We break down the surprising turns and best Segway tours in THG’s +/- review.

The City of Love couldn’t have looked more beautiful… or more cheesy than with the staged romantic moment between Mauricio and Kyle. Minus 12.

Their lock of love on the bridge felt so scripted it was hard to watch. It also proved what a short memory Kyle has when she said her husband’s only romantic gestures were bringing her coffee or running a bath.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Did she forget the day he gave her a Maserati?!? Minus 10. I’ll take that over a silly lock any day.


Everyone spent the day exploring Paris and Lisa and Kim were lucky they didn’t break an ankle walking in those ridiculously high heels down cobblestone streets. I’m certain I’d end up in the ER if I tried that.

The cutest moment went to Yolanda and Brandi who jogged, skipped, and cartwheeled next to the Seine. Plus 15. Their sense of fun was contagious.

But the best romance was a bromance. Mauricio and Ken’s Segway tour of Paris was simply adorable. Plus 22. It made me happy they were happy to let go of their fight over dinner and move on.

If only the woman could take a lesson.

Most boring conversation went to Lisa and Kyle who once again rehashed their season long argument. Lisa’s still ticked that Kyle never backs her up and Kyle’s whining because their relationship doesn’t feel the same.  Yawn. Minus 13.

Although Lisa Vanderpump was being a bit of a brat tonight.  Her jabs about Kim’s sobriety definitely had an edge of meanness to it whether she meant it that way or not.

And if someone is crying, talking to their sister and asks you to leave, just leave! Minus 18. What was so complicated about that request?

But everyone was concerned about Kim. The night before they thought she’d fallen off the wagon and today they worried she’d overdosed in her bedroom.  Perhaps it was just their imaginations running amok as it seemed to be nothing more than a bad case of jet lag. Or maybe we’ve just seen he high so often we can no longer tell the difference.

Kim wins the line of the night when the ladies all freak out about the chef butchering the duck for dinner. “As long as it’s not doing the quacking while he’s doing the whacking, I’m OK.” Plus 25.

Biggest voice of reason… Brandi. Wow! I didn’t see that coming but Ms. Glanville was the voice of understanding all night. She even had Kim’s back more than once. Plus 17.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if these two became friends. Kyle might just jump off the Eiffel tower and take Faye with her.

Yolanda won the prize for pointing out the obvious. Yes, that was Lisa running to anyone who would listen and gossiping about Kim…in front of Kim.  Welcome to reality TV.

Who’s up for more Paris next week?