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It’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “Finale” time as one marriage ends while another is celebrated. We break down all the romance obstacles in THG’s +/- recap!

We’re back to the Ken and Lisa’s vow renewal party where Faye can’t seem to keep her big mouth shut. Minus 20 because I’m still wondering why Faye’s even here.

Did she crash? Did Kyle invite her?

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion

Did Bravo sneak her an invitation to make sure there’d be more drama?


All I wanted to see was Lisa kick Faye out on her rear but I never got my wish. Minus 15. Lisa said she considered it but didn’t because Faye was Kyle’s friend.

Which was pretty clear considering Kyle couldn’t stop defending the nasty Housewife wannabe.

Plus 12 to Yolanda who pegged Faye right away. She keeps complaining about Brandi spreading malicious gossip…while Faye herself makes it her duty to spread malicious gossip.

But let’s get back to the romance….oh wait. Not quite yet.

Because in the middle of it all Adrienne Maloof shows up, teary eyed,  sans makeup and looking for attention. Minus 18.

I had to disagree with Ken on this one. With the ladies descending on Adrienne the moment she walked in the door and the tear fest beginning, I really couldn’t blame her for not seeking out Lisa.

On the flip side I couldn’t blame Lisa for not heading straight to Adrienne’s side considering she was hosting an entire party at the time and she would have gotten sucked into the drama…and killed the romantic mood. Minus 10.

I couldn’t fault Adrienne for the waterworks but when she said “The kids want me to be there.” all I could think was then why are you at this party?

Shocker of the night…that Paul was the one that filed for separation. Who saw that coming?

And Plus 25 to Taylor for the line of the night. “He was dressed like a tree last time I looked so maybe he’s lost his marbles.”

With the romantic mood completely blown to bits, Lisa retreats to her bedroom and Brandi proves what a good friend she really is. Plus 20 for reminding Lisa that this party is about her and Ken and their family and how lucky they are. Besides, Ken would be heartbroken if Lisa bailed now.

Did you see the wedding pictures from 30 years ago?  Lisa’s dress was all 1980s poof while Ken looked exactly the same. Did the man find the fountain of youth? His hair certainly did.

Ken renewed his vow to obey his wife. Good man. Plus 30. And when he told Lisa, “I’ve always loved you but probably never deserved you.” there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Then Lisa countered with, “I am the woman I am today because I’ve grown up with you” reminding us all that she was only 21 when she married her husband.

With one marriage ending, it was nice to see that true love can win out.

At the finale’s end we learned that….

  • Yolanda’s battling Lyme disease.
  • Kyle’s fashion sense gets worse with every season.
  • Taylor’s dating her already married attorney. What could go wrong there?
  • Adrienne’s dating Rod Stewart’s 32 year old son but Paul can beat that. He’s dating a 27 year old former Miss Nevada.
  • Brandi Glanville celebrated her 40th birthday at SUR. For some reason Paul was invited. No surprise that Adrienne was not.

And now on to the brawl….er make that the reunion show next.