Stephenie Meyer on Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart Fame: A Tragic Irony

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Thanks to The Twilight Saga, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are rich beyond most people's wildest dreams.

But someone who knows the couple very well wonders whether the stars would sign up again for such a major movie franchise.

Author Stephenie Meyer talked to British publication The Times over the weekend and spoke candidly about the difficulties that have faced Stewart and Pattinson since they made it so very big.

Robert Pattinson as Batman

"Here's the thing: there are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name, and although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it's what they want," Meyer said.

But this isn't the case for Pattinson and Stewart, she explained, whose relationship remains on the rocks.

"That doesn't apply to Kristen and Rob," Meyer added. "That's what makes it kind of ironic and tragic... I just don't think they enjoy the parts [of fame] that other people would. And I totally get that, because it would not be my thing either."

Pattinson is in Australia at the moment filming a new movie, while Stewart awaits his return.

The two are still dealing with the latter's Rupert Sanders affair, which causes Meyer to wonder what they might change if given a do-over.

"If they had the choice, I've no idea if they'd even do Twilight again," she says. "I just don't know. I think this has all come at a heavy price."

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