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The woman suing Michael Jordan for paternity and child support, alleging that he fathered her teenage son, has unexpectedly dropped the case.

Pamela Smith filed legal documents asking a judge to dismiss her case; her request was granted without prejudice (meaning she can re-file later).

It’s unclear why Pamela wanted the case dismissed all of a sudden, considering she had recently asked the court to order MJ to take a DNA test.


The speculation is that the two sides reached some sort of settlement, or agreed to halt legal action as they attempt to work through things in private.

She also could’ve walked away from the Michael Jordan love child claim – which she waited 17 years to make – out of fear that she’d lose in court.

Jordan has denied that he fathered Grant Reynolds while he was married to Juanita Vanoy, alleging that the matter was settled by a previous case.

The boy, who goes by Taj, has been telling people on YouTube that he’s the son of His Airness; he’s the one who pushed his mom to file, supposedly.

Either way, it’s over, at least for the time being.