Seatbelt T-Shirts Help Chinese Drivers Get Around Totally Unnecessary, Intrusive Law

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Drivers in China, apparently unwilling to submit to the intrusion and burden of seatbelt laws, have come up with a creative workaround: The seatbelt t-shirt!

Seat Belt Shirt

The shirts feature a graphic with a stripe that runs from shoulder to hip, creating the illusion that the driver is wearing his or her seatbelt while seated.

They cost $8, which is way less than a ticket. Score?

Police have begun cracking down on drivers for not wearing their seatbelts after a rash of fatal collisions resulting in people being thrown from cars.

Which, of course, makes one wonder why more drivers don't ACTUALLY WANT TO WEAR THEM for their own benefit ... but we digress.

Gotta stick it to a repressive regime somehow?