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Miley Cyrus is yet to directly address rumors of a Liam Hemsworth split, but the singer has posted two new photos on Twitter that appear to make the point on their own.

Ignore that adorable onesie for a moment and check out Miley’s left ring finger, folks.

Yes, that’s a 3.5 carat engagement ring.

Miley and Cody Selfie

Adding fuel to the break up fire for Cyrus and Hemsworth had been that Miley was spotted out this month without her engagement ring.

But the star claimed it was simply in for repairs – and she looks to have been telling the truth.

Will this photo put to bed talk that Miley and Liam are not still headed to the altar? We doubt it.

But maybe it will lead to more celebrities posing in onesies. Those things are pretty darn cute.