Michael Jordan Denies Love Child, Pamela Smith Demands DNA Test

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Michael Jordan has denied he's the father of a former mistress' teenage son, but Pamela Smith says the proof is in the pudding. Or more accurately, DNA.

Smith filed court documents this week in her ongoing paternity suit with Jordan, asking a judge to force him to provide fluids, hairs, skin ... whatever it takes.

Pamela Smith, Michael Jordan

The alleged Michael Jordan love child, Grant Taj Reynolds, was born in 1996. He's been saying he's MJ's son and reportedly begged his mom to sue.

Pamela says she knows Jordan's the dad because they had sex around nine months before Grant's birth, something she claims Jordan's never denied.

She also says she doesn't need money and never even planned to pursue it until her son personally urged her to in the past couple of months.

Jordan has not commented publicly, but has denied he's the baby daddy in court papers, claiming this was even established years ago in a separate case.

It's not clear what he's referring to, and a judge has yet to rule in the ongoing dispute, but you can bet that Pamela Smith isn't about to just let this go.

The affair between Michael and Pamela allegedly took place while MJ was married to his first wife Juanita. They have three children but are now divorced.

Meanwhile, Jordan and Yvette Prieto are set to marry next month.

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